The problem of Vibe2/Vibe 3
1.How to connect the Vibe2/Vibe 3 to the phone
you need downlaod the "sports+" app in your phone, then long press the S1 button to turn on the bluetooth, use the Sports+ to scan the bluetooth of watch. note: don't use the phone bluetooth to connect the watch bluetooth directly, otherwise the sports+ can't scan the watch bluetooth.
2.Does the watch have the sleep monitor?
The watch doesn't have the sleep monitor.
3.Does the watch have the vibration function?

The watch doesn't have motor, so there is no vibration function, when it receives notifications, it will ring with "beep" sound.
4.How to charge the watch?
The watch doesn't need be charged, it could be normal use for about 2 years, when the battery runs out, you could buy a battery and replace it.
5.Is the watch waterproof?
The watch is waterproof(IP67), but you can't 
wear it in a hot environment such as taking a hot shower
The problems of Zeblaze Thor S
1. What is the app for Zeblaze Thor S
The app is Wiiwatch.
2.Does the watch could insert the SIM card?
The watch could insert SIM card and make phone calls.
3. I can't connect the watch with phone?
①.Download the Wiiwatch in your phone, Agree with all the competences that the Wiiwatch asks you.please clear all of your phone’s bluetooth records, make sure that your phone doesn't connect another device. turn on the bluetooth both on phone and watch,pls do not connect the watch by buetooth directly, just need to use the Wiiwatch to bind the watch. run the Wiiwatch in the backstage.
②.Make sure your phone does not have the similar wearable app with Wiiwatch, because that would interfere with the connecting. The antivirus software may affected the wiiwatch, so you could remove it if possiblle.
③.Enter into the main menu of the watch, click the “Switch Platform”, if your phone is android, choose the android, if your phone is IOS, please choose IOS. Then back to the main menu, click the “Connect phone”. For Iphone users, you need use the watch to connect the “Wiiwatch” of phone, for android user, please use the “Wiiwatch” to connect the watch.
4.If I don’t insert the SIM card, Can I use the watch to call or answer the call when connect to the phone?
When the watch connect with phone by Wiiwatch, the watch coud only receive the phone call notifications, but can’t make phone calls or answer the calls.  
5. Does the watch have the GPS
yes, it has the GPS
6.How to install new dials?
long press the touch screen, then Scroll left or ringt to choose the dials
7. How long is the standby time of Thor S
The Thor S could standy for 2 days, but the using time is about 12 hours(depends on you how to use it)
8. is the watch waterproof?
The watch isn't waterproof.